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“Quietly build the best” – These have been words that we have lived by from that first day in 2002; when we started off in a single room in an apartment in Kochi, Kerala. We made a commitment to ourselves that we would make Axcenta the best it can be, we made a commitment to always grow. The name “Axcenta” was a play on the word ascend, a constant need to grow and innovate.

Now, over a decade later, our team still works with the same passion to find and introduce the latest technology for our ever growing customer base. We have been associated with some of the best brands from Kerala and South India. Their continued support and patronage is one of our greatest assets, our team is the other. The team has a combined experience of 70 years in the Kerala IT industry. Over the past decade we have seen the IT map of Kerala change; we have helped it change.

So what does Axcenta do? Well, it’s simple. We are enablers. We enable you to do what you do best, i.e. your business, without worrying about your IT infrastructure or network security or connectivity. Think of it as outsourcing your Information technology headache to a team of dedicated problem solvers. Give us a call, we can help.




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We pride ourselves as being one of the most experienced team of IT enablers in South India. We have worked tirelessly for the past 12 years ensuring that our clients get the best service possible. Our team has been a family, an inseparable one. As long as we have this awesome team we shall continue to grow and keep growing. Want to join our team? Apply below