Cloud solutions

“The cloud is not the future… is the present.” Cloud computing and cloud storage have become the commonplace for most international organizations. The proliferation of the cloud is such that most lay users are also on it in some way or the other. Your phone is linked to it, so is your home PC and your work Laptop; ensuring continuity in business process.


Axcenta is proud to partner with imgres for it’s next generation cloud services. Nxtgen is an indigenous company with exciting global cloud solutions. Nxtgen’s cloud computing services is powered by Intel and certified by SAP. Enterprises, big and small, spend millions of rupees every year upgrading storage to cater to growing demands. Nxtgen’s infintie vault cloud storage and archiving solutions ensures ready availability of online storage space at a fraction of the infrastructure cost.


Nxtgen also provides on premise data centers as well as their trademark “hybrid data center” on cloud. This provides an organization with the dual benefit of cloud computing and disaster recovery solution. The complete data center is built on a plug and play model so as to make deployment an easy task. With a high density data center facility clients can avail on demand server computing for their short term and long term needs.


Being a preferred partner of NxtGen in Kerala, Axcenta evaluated the cloud storage and cloud computing needs of its clients and recommends the appropriate solutions to best fit the organization. Our team works in close association with NxtGen to help our customers simplify their IT infrastructure, reduce their running costs, and enable business growth by creating additional capacity from existing infrastructure.


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